CCC Online Test: with important questions

This CCC online test will prove to be important for those students who do not know what types of questions are asked in the CCC test. so friends. Keeping this in mind, I have brought the CCC Online Practice Test for all of you.

This CCC test will prove to be important for those students who will take their CCC online test this month. Because in this CCC practise test, we have included those important questions that are included in CCC tests every time. In this CCC practice test, we have included questions related to basic computer, internet, banking, hardware, and libre office.

What is a CCC course?

(CCC) is a Basic Computer Introduction Certificate offered by the National Informatics Center of India (NIELIT). In this course, basic concepts of computers, essential applications, the internet, and digital media are taught. To get a CCC certificate, the student has to take an online exam in which questions related to computers, banking, and the internet come up. This certificate will prove important for those students who want to make a career in the computer world.

Why do CCC courses?

You will get many benefits from doing the CCC course. If you do a CCC course, then you can get all kinds of basic knowledge related to computers and the internet, like: how does a computer work?, what is word processing?, what is Excel?, what is LibreOffice?, and what is networking?

The biggest advantage of doing a CCC course is that if you are applying for an office job in a private company, then you will definitely be asked for a CCC certificate.

Apart from this, CCC certificates are also asked for for some government jobs. Friends, if you want to get an office job at any of your companies, then this certificate will prove to be a boon for you.

CCC Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to computers
  2. Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System
  3. Elements of Word Processing
  4. Spreadsheets
  5. Computer Communication and Internet
  6. WWW and web browsers
  7. Communication and Collaboration
  8. Making small presentations
  9. Social Networking, Social Governance and E-mail
  10. Digital Financial Tools and Applications
  11. Overview of Future Skills and Cyber Security.

Conclusion: CCC Online Test

In this CCC test, we have provided information in a direct and effective manner so that you can achieve success in the upcoming CCC test.

I hope you liked this CCC online test. If you have any questions related to this CCC Online Practice Test, then comment below and share this CCC Test with your friends. So that they can also be helped.

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