CCC Online Test: 10 Questions

If you are preparing for the CCC exam, we have prepared a CCC practice test with 10 questions. You can enhance your computer knowledge by trying the CCC test prepared by us. This 10-question CCC practice test will help you succeed on your CCC exam. This CCC test will be based on the new syllabus.

CCC Test 10 question: Related Guidelines

Before starting our CCC test with 10 questions, it is important to know this:

  • It is mandatory to answer all the questions.
  • The paper is worth 10 marks, and each question will be given 30 seconds, and 5 marks are mandatory to pass the test.
  • After this test is over, your store will be shown to you.

CCC Online Test: 10 Questions

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1. हाइपरलिंक का रंग नीला होता है।

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2. ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम का मुख्य भाग है

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3. OSI का पूरा नाम है

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4. LibreOffice Writer में मेल मर्ज किस मेनू में पाया जाता है ?

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5. फार्मूला स्टार्ट करने से पहले किस करेक्टर का उपयोग होता है?

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6. बाइनरी नंबर सिस्टम का आधार है

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7. बस टोपोलॉजी को __ भी कहा जाता है।

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8. नोटपैड दुवारा बनायीं गयी फाइल का एक्सटेंसन का होगा?

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9. LibreOffice Calc में आखरी कॉलम का पता क्या है?

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10. नियमों में समूह को प्रोटोकॉल के रूप में जाना जाता है।

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Benefits of the CCC Certificate

The CCC certificate is one of the most popular certificates today. This can take your career to new heights. And can provide employment opportunities in the government and private sectors.

CCC Practice Test Topics

We have selected questions from nine topics, which are as follows:

  • Introduction to Computer
  • Introduction to GUI-Based Operating Systems
  • Elements of Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Making Small Presentations
  • Computer Communication and Internet
  • WWW and Internet Browsers
  • Communication
  • Social Networking, Social Governance, and E-mail
  • Digital Financial Tools and Applications
  • Overview of Future Skills
  • Cyber Security

Conclusion: CCC Practice Exam 10 Questions

Enhance your skills by taking our CCC practice test, featuring 10 questions. These questions are integral to your improvement and growth in computer and networking subjects.

I pray that you continue to study like this, progress in the field of computers, and pass the CCC test.

I hope you enjoyed this 10-question CCC online practise test. If you have any questions related to this CCC Practice Test, comment below and share this CCC Test with your friends. So that they can also be helped.

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